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i always loved you cause you were "oh so special"

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[30 Jan 2005|11:19am]
[ mood | blah ]

okay well for some reason some of my friends only entries became public and people think i'm not updating soooo this journal is FRIENDS ONLY and i do update just not publicly

->Whatever words I say ... I will always love you<-

[25 Dec 2004|05:31pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Merry Christmas! =o*

hope everyone has a good one

->Whatever words I say ... I will always love you<-

[10 Nov 2004|03:58pm]
[ mood | content ]

today was a boringboring day. i had to go to the doct0rsssssss and it was boring as always. haha i started coughing so much and my eyes were watering, i had to go get a drink. lets see then i came home and slept for awhile cuz i felt sick.
well now i got tommorow off too. we should have friday off too. :) i want me heather to come sleep with me todayyyyyyyyyyyy =)
and i <3 cassie cuz she's so violent <33
i love applogizes <3


->Whatever words I say ... I will always love you<-

[31 Oct 2004|04:29pm]
[ mood | excited ]

well i'm taking advantage of this while my finger is still numb from that spray so i think i'll update my lj

me and brittany went to the mall last night. it was really fun. and i saw ALEX =p and we ate across from eachother and i threw a fry at them while they were on the escalator =p hahahahah i bought these pink fuzzy handcuffs for my 'halloween costume' ;-) haha it was great. and i bought a lotta drinks cuz i was so thirsty. haha and me and britt stunk out this one store cuz we kept testing all the perfumes to see which ones she wanted to get. it was fun. and then my header slept over <33 and we took a ton of pics which i'm hoping i'll be able to post? hehe we modeled a show with "baby got back" as our music, haha. annnywayyy then we wanted to blow up a peep in the microwave and when we took it out i touched the stupid thing and i burnt my finger and OWWWWWWWW it hurt so badly. i had to keep it in a cup of water from 11am-3:30pm and i took it out then cuz i had to take a shower. so yes, i was in a lotta pain today cuz i burnt myself...on a marshmellow. but now my mom bought this spray stuff to numb it and i put it on and ahhh its so cold and it numbs alright. i had it on my finger and i touched my lips without thinking and then i was like "wow my lips feel really weird" and then when i licked them it tasted nasty and i realized i licked the stuff off accidently so my lips and tongue started going numb, haha i rinsed it out cuz it felt like i was just at the dentists. yuck so their numb no more but i can FINALLY use my finger =p umm lets see i'm going trick or treating with header and melK tonight-the two hottest freshman girls in the school yo ;-) =p and we're gonna get loooootsa free candy, wahooo. yeah well i miss lissa so i think i'll straighten my hair and then call my love =-*



HaPpY All Hallows Eve =-D


->I will always love you<-

[24 Oct 2004|01:20pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

i went to alex's party yesterday with my heather <3
don't feel like going into detail, but thats okay =o)

*i'm just praying the outcome will turn out to be alright*

->Whatever words I say ... I will always love you<-

[11 Oct 2004|03:09pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

today was a wasted day. very wasted indeed. i fell asleep last night around 12ish. i had like a mental breakdown and yeahhhh i don't feel like talking about it, too lazy to type. so i finally got to sleep after calling my mom-who told me what to do and then i woke up at 10 something? i went on the computer, read and at 1ish i fell back asleep till like 4 =-O i was like oh no! so my mom washome by then i feel stupid. and now i'm bored and yes, tired, of course.
and now my couzin has 4 tickets to the grudge that he got off the radio station for weds. but he's working weds night. soo now me and molly can have them. and i'm gonna pee my pants IF i see this movie. i don't know if i can go through with it. i need to go with a manly man. so who can i ask? =-p
i think i shall go now, too tired to type anymore, but at least i'm in a better mood

->I will always love you<-

[26 Sep 2004|06:40pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

so i went to the mall with kt and ml. it was funfunfun. we met up with matt and his "crew" =-) hehe he's so hawt <~~~like the mass accent? and i bought...a drink. and wow it was crazy, like our entire school was there. wherever you turned-literally-there were people you knew. crazy stuff thurr.
and sooo today i had to wake up at like 7:45-ugggggggh cuz my daddy wanted me to go to church. and after i could go to the shelter skatepark cuz CERTAIN PEOPLE were supposed to go *cough*alexandbrian*cough* but neveeeeeeer showed up. well I HAD FUN WITHOUT YOU! <33 so there was this kid there and i was like hmm he's cute so i watched him skate on the quarter pipe and stuff and he kept making eye contact with me. like when he was about to do a trick, he'd look over to see if i was watching him. showoff <33 and we would smile at eachother and all that lovely stuff. so like wherever i went...he was like there shortly after. so i saw him sitting down and i said to him "i'll just sit down next to you cuz i know no one here" ((we talked a little before on the quarter pipe with his 2 other friends cuz i didn't wanna drop in)) so i found out he was a freshman at my school and i was like "oh do you know molly smith" and he was like "yeah i went out with her" i was like omgosh its rob!!! haha it was great. i had no idea. yeah so i skated with molly's ex the whole time.=-p he was really nice, too. i hafta say, molly has good taste (haha thanks steph =-p )) so yeahhhhhhh. it was great to tell her.
annd there's an element demo in the tsx skatepark tommorow and guess who WANTS to go...me. and guess who CAN'T go...me! cuz its like an hour ride. but rob told me its an airconditioned skatepark...now THATS what i like. i was like dieing in the shelter.
so anyway...i like gay guys ((haha lissa))


p.s i haven't listened to this song in forever! <333

p.s.s wow...i love how i JUST put the good stuff in from today. i got bitched at and had to come home 3 hours early from the skatepark...and i haven't dwelled on it, w00t

->Whatever words I say ... I will always love you<-

[15 Apr 2004|09:51pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

my JPL tributeCollapse )

->Whatever words I say ... I will always love you<-

[22 Mar 2004|06:27pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

well i went to the library today with hannah during study hall cuz we like to meet up there. gives us something to do. i got the book "cut" i don't think i'm gonna read it anymore


karen gave me a real journal today. thank you so much karen. it means a lot to me :-) i can't wait to start writing in it. i can put stuff in there that nobody is ever gonna see. i can write in it as much as i want.

i'm gonan go clean my room and write for a lil bit



->I will always love you<-

[10 Feb 2004|03:33pm]

today was extrememly boring. i dunno what it was, it was just so boring. in bio we did like pre-k stuff. but hey, i'd rather do that then hard, thinking work. *ahem*i'll proudly announce, that my baby is a healthy little girl :-)

i'm tired...as usual. i had like 8 hours maybe, and i'm still tired. i must be really sleep deprived. i wish i wouldn't get so awake right before bedddd. but i took zyrtec for my ear which puts you to sleep and this other stuff so i was real tired last night. tonights american idol and i'm gonna keep up with it this time so yeah, i've been watching it everyday its been on.  i got a doctor appt. friday which meansss i get to miss some school. w00t. my doctor is like...30-40 min away and my appt. is either at 8:15 or 8:30 and either one, thats 2nd period so yeah, i'm missing spanish, how sad....not. and i'm missing art, so thats okay. arts okay this year...kinda..ehh. i've just been goin really slow, like i used to finish all my projects on time and now i'm 2 projects behind. but she's not collecting them-i don't think-so its not like its gonna matter. poor things.

and i gotta ton of homework soooo i'll go do that.


->Whatever words I say ... I will always love you<-

[19 Dec 2003|07:58pm]


this is a FRIENDS ONLY journal

->I will always love you<-

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